Heralding the Thailand 4.0 era the system is called Chonburi Immigration on Mobile: Imm-Q on Mobile, which is available on Android and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Chonburi Immigration Office has launched a new smartphone app to cut the time foreigners have to wait in line for service.

The app has one function: To appointment date and time to obtain a visa extension or new visa. Once users install the app and register, they simply choose the type of visa/extension as following categories:

1. Tourism purposes
2. Study in government institutions
3. Study in private institutions
4. Being Family member of Thai (Thai husband)
5. Being Family member of Thai (Support Thai wife)
6. Being Family member of Thai (Support Thai child)
7. Retirement
8. New criterla consideration

All completed documents and forms must be verified by the Jomtien Beach office.
Applicants are strongly advised to start the process 15 days prior to a visas expiration. For more information, call 1178 or 038-110-636.